Strata Software

Key Statistics

On log on you will be presented with a Key Statistics page. This page will quickly give you an overview of important statistics related to your site.


When building your dashboards, Strata offers an extensive range of widgets to suit all of your reporting needs.

Data Visualisation

Create visually stunning dashboards to  analyse your sites data, and get a clear insight into your energy consumption. Aids in decision making.

Smart Search & Filtering

With Strata’s smart and intuitive search and filtering engines, you will have instant access to that important data.

Targets & Alarms

Track all your energy consumption against your assigned targets, set up alarms for  quick performance notifications.

Vast Reporting Capability

Create unlimited number of reports related to each area within your site, be in control and quickly identify areas for improvement.

Project Tracker

Track all your projects in Strata, see what projects are on target, overdue and expected in progress. Along with a project tracker there is a number of report available such as Project Payback report and Savings Summary report.

Setup Options

Because Strata is customisable you can simply and easily set up any required objects, whether its utilities, rates, conversions, units etc.

Help & Support

Quickly access training materials and training videos to help you set up. Contact numbers and emails are available for any additional support.


Save any important pages in favourites within the Navigation Console for instant access.

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