Overall Equipment Effectiveness 

Better manage assets and production schedules

Simplify complex production process management

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) reduces complex production problems and methods into simple, intuitive presentation of information via dashboards, widgets, reports and interactive displays.

The system collects high frequency process data or increment utility data for real time exception analysis or management reporting, and features extensive data communication options.

As an additional module to Strata (Cotopaxi’s web based energy management system), OEE contains the following  features:

  • Minimises performance loss.
  • Complete management and reporting across one or multiple sites linked to Strata.
  • Reporting on pinch points, asset availability, waterfalls, scheduled/ unexpected downtimes and specific area downtimes.
  • Scheduling of planned downtime.
  • ‘At-a-glance’ or in-depth reporting accessible via one single dashboard.
  • Multi-lingual e-mail and PDF reports based on preference and multilingual support.
  • Easy-to-obtain measurements enable systematic improvements of processes across all levels.
  • Improved visibility of performance.
  • Better management of assets, production and events leading to disruption through effective reporting.
  • OEE is integrated with CI Manager and Strata so that only a single central database is required within a worldwide organisations.
  • 100% Web based and 99.95% guaranteed uptime.
  • Low cost
  • Improves the quality of production.
  • Waste reduction.
  • Decrease downtime, changeovers, and unplanned maintenance.
  • Improves resource utilisation.

OEE can now also be viewed on any device whether that be an iPad, mobile or laptop. In addition, Strata TV is also available which enables data to be displayed anywhere around your site to help motivate and encourage the rest of your company to hit those all important targets.

Production problems on your site? OEE can help!

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